Laura Kavanaugh + Ian Birse ::::::: Instant Places 2014

The Norfolk Arts Centre has invited us to create a soundwork that centres on the 23-bell carillon in Simcoe Ontario. We are making our initial visit in August 2014.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reverberant spaces

On our last day in Sarnia we played with reverberant spaces in the JNAAG building. We had a chance earlier in our stay to record the rich reverberations from power tools as workers built the exhibition rooms on the third floor.

On Sunday we replayed the sounds back into the completed rooms and recorded the layered reverberations.

We plan to use these recordings as source material for a soundtrack accompanying generative constructions of imaginary galleries. The grid of cameras feeds displayed on JNAAG surveillance monitors has been intriguing us since our initial visit in November. Photos of the camera feeds may prove to be the perfect source material for these improbable architectures.

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